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Connecting your Collection (PDF)
Dialplan, Template for Connecting Collections (ZIP)
Sound File for Connecting Collections (ZIP)
Walnut Wood Graining (PDF)
Collecting Telephones - Our Hobby
The Dangers of PCBs (PDF)
The Cartoon Telephones of Emile Mercier
Early Batteries for many uses
Siemens Halske (PDF)
Ericssons in France (PDF)
Emile Berliner (PDF)
Receiver Operation Parts 1, 2 & 3 (PDF)
Early Receivers Parts 1 & 2 (PDF)
Butterstamp Receivers (PDF)
United States Ericsson
Alexander Graham Bell - Fate, Fame & Fortune
M. W. Theiler & Sons
Alfred Graham & Co
60 Years of the Transistor
Professor David Hughes
The National Telephone Company of UK
Mojave Desert Phone Box
Vienna's Skeletal Telephones - Vienna Quads
Around the World - Our Treasurer's journeys
Letter from Wales
The Peel Connor Telephone Works Ltd
Louis John Crossley
The Lorimer System
Dictograph - a history
The Keysender No 5
Phonecards - The New Collection
Federal FTR804A Telephone
North Electric Company
The Old Phone
Skansen - History in Sweden
Safety in the Telephone Business
The Telephone Exchange 1896
Memories of Two Telephone Men
Who Really Invented the Telephone **NEW**
Telephone 162 Circuit diagrams (PDF)
The Berthon-Ader Wall Telephone
Electricity - Tasting and Feeling
Early Condensers - The Leyden Jar
The Telephone Handset
Elektrisk Bureau of Norway
The Resistance Box
Automatic Telephones - Introduction to Sydney
The Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Co.
The Kellogg 1040 - Redbar used in Australia
The Kellogg Graba-phone
The Kellogg Non-Positional Transmitter
Porn and the Telephone
Equipment Manufacturer Codes
The Story of the SS Great Eastern
Telegram and Telegraph Stories
Morse Keys
Of Trumpets and Tubes
Meeting of Sir William Preece and Signor Marconi
The Message on the Answering Machine
Magnet Windings
Is it Really a 'P' Type - Wooden Railway Phones
A Medhurst Designed Switchboard
Antonio Meucci - The Inventor of the Telephone
Johann Philipp Reis
Federal FTR803 Telephone
Travels of Two Telephone Collectors
East-West Telephony
Cleaning Telephones
British Insulated and Helsby Ltd
The Electrophone
British Ericsson Wall Telephones
The Hedgehog Transformer
Magnetic Receiver of the 1880's
Murphy's Ten Laws of Telephone Restoration
The Telephone (1869)
The McDonough Transmitter
The Pantelephone
Plug and Socket
A Military Puzzle
Strange Appearance of the Collier Marr
L M Ericsson's Gravesite in Sweden
Researching Theiler Telephones
332 Tropical
Brisbane's Telephone Exchanges - Early Days
Ericsson Telephones Production Numbers
Adjustment and Care of Telegraph Instruments
The Evolution of Telephone Cable
Golden Rules in an Aerial Party
Installing Connecticut Duplex Telephones
A Brief History of L M Ericsson
Giovanni Caselli - the Pantelegraph
Who Really Invented the Telephone?
Short Overview of the Russian Telephone System Thomas Edison Inventor of Almost Everything
Edison's Contribution to Telephony
Pioneers of Sound - Robert Hooke
Pioneers of Electricity - Georges Leclanché
Pioneers of Electricity - Werner Von Siemens
Pioneers of Power - Alessandro Volta
Pioneers of Sound - Ernst Chladni
More about Samuel Morse
Restoration Corner - Screws
Restoration Corner - Restoring Circuit Diagrams
Restoration Corner - Circuit Diagrams
Restoration Corner - Repairing Bakelite Cases
Telephone B.P.O. No. 11
When in New Zealand visit the MOTAT Museum
The 800 Telephone - Problems and Fixes
Air Clock-Power
Big Big Battery
The Graham Carfone
Know Your Candlestick
The Induction Coil
The Other Telecom Phones - Parts 1 to 5
Dating Old Photographs from Lightpoles
Telephone Faults (1902)
Code 555 and the Movies
It all started with Toilet Paper