About the ASSG.

(Antique Sound Society Group)

As a social group operating within the ATCS Inc., our meetings in Sydney are open to anyone with an interest in sound reproduction in all its forms. We are particularly into radio, gramophones, music boxes, and many other forms of sound reproduction.

We meet on the first Friday of February, April, June, August & October in the Library of the Milperra Public School at 8:00 PM. Our December meeting usually takes the form of a Christmas function at Bankstown R.S.L. on the Thursday before the first Friday.

At our ASSG meetings:-
• Members bring along items of interest to display and give a talk about.
• Most times (but others are welcome to), I bring along a portable gramophone and a selection of records to play.
• Sometimes members bring along a new acquisition to display and talk about.
• The above is followed by supper (biscuits with tea and coffee) and great conversation.

As the name implies our interest is in antique sound and anything related. Machines (which includes gramophones/phonographs, music boxes, player pianos, tape players etc), radios including crystal sets, books on the subjects of sound/radio/machines/recording etc, ephemera etc, etc. Basically anything sound related!

We have other interests as well. For example, some of us are interested in model railways and other collectibles. So we have “Other Hobbies” nights as well.

Convener can be contacted at email: assg@telephonecollecting.org.

You are welcome at all meetings.
Contact the convener for further details.