Sound and Telecommunications HISTORY

The History of Telephone Communication (USA)
History of Communication Through Morse Code (USA)
A Communications Timeline (USA)
Communications Nostalgia (USA)
Telephone World (USA)
Before Mobile Phones: The Telegraph (USA)
History of Communication Links (USA)
History of the Atlantic Cable (USA)
Atlanta Telephone History (USA)
American Telephone Archive (USA)
Bell System Memorial (USA)
Western Electric History (USA)
Some Telephone History (USA)
The History of AT&T (USA)
Short history of telephone numbers (Russia)
Alberta Telephone Heritage (Canada)
Australia & New Zealand Chronology
The Bell System Memorial (USA)
Telephone History Group Denver, Colorado (USA)
Telephone Tribute (USA)
Telephone History, Helena, Montana (USA)
History of the Mobile Phone (UK) **NEW**
Origin of the Railway Semaphore
Semaphore Telegraph Station
Telecommunications History
The Selectophone (USA)
Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers (USA)
AT&T Archives (Videos) (USA)
Philipp Reis Telephone Pioneer (Germany)
An Overview of ATEA (Belgium)
Charles Todd the Overland Telegraph (Australia)
More on Charles Todd (Australia)
The Hunningscone Transmitter (UK)
Old Telephones and Equipment (Germany)
Telephone Technical Reference (USA)
Bunnell vs. Bunnell
Communications History (UK)
The Telephone on Prince Edward Island
The Telephone File Bob Freshwater (UK)
History of Submarine Cables
About Telephone Switches (USA)
History of the Blue Bell Telephone Sign (USA)