Telephone and other COLLECTIONS

Western Australian Collector John Paskulic
Telephone Collection - Denos Debono (France)
Telephone Collection - Alain Groult (France)
Mike Davis' telephone site (USA)
Mike Davis' Telephones (USA)
Mr. Fone (USA)
A Telephone Collector - John Mann (UK)
American Collector - Colin Chambers (USA)
Telephone Collectors in USA
Les collections de téléphones (France)
Sam's Telephone Index (UK)
Japanese Antique Telephones (Japan)
Fred's Old Phones - Le Téléphone Histoire (France)
JKL Telephone Collection (USA)
The Kellogg Page (USA)
The Paul Sidey Telephone Collection (USA) - Ericofon Telephone Site (USA)
The Phonedoc - Dave Dockray (Brisbane Australia)
Gary Goff, Telephone Collector (USA)
Bill's Telephones (USA)
Private Collection (UK)
English Telephones (UK) (USA)
The Telephone Man in Canada
Mainly Bakelite phones Neil Carpenter (UK)
Cavalcade of Phones (USA)
German Collector
French Telephone site
Vince's Cavalcade of Phones (USA)
Chicago's Telecom Expert - Mike Sandman (USA)
Tom's Antique Telephones - Tom Adams (USA)
Martin Benson's Collection (Germany)
Sam Hellas, British Telephone Collector (UK)
Rob Baxter - Victoria, BC, Canada
Payphones in Germany
Alte Telefone Old Telephones (Germany)