About the STAA

(Sound & Telecommunications Association Austral­asia Inc.)

The STAA is the National body of the Australian Historic Telephone Society Inc. (AHTS), The Australasian Telephone Collectors Society Inc. (ATCS), The Antique Sound Society Group (ASSG) and the South Australian Telephone Collectors Society Inc. (SATCS) who participated, in 2016, in the survey for the name of the national body. The name of the national body will be Sound & Telecommunications Association Austral­asia Inc. or STAA.

The role of the new national body is to provide ser­vices to the member associations such as insurance, publications (journals or newsletters), distribution, etc. It will rep­resent the member associations in public and policy discussions and act as a focus and contact point for member associations. It is envisaged it will have an administrative role and set a code of conduct but most importantly it will not be involved in the gover­nance of member associations.

The STAA is a work in progress and the next step is to produce a draft consti­tution and, once this is agreed upon, to incorporate the associ­ation and register it under ASIC.